Shining Mountains - Land of Riches

Shining Mountains - Land of Riches

                                Shining Mountains - Land of Riches
| 46 min

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This documentary from the Shining Mountains series explores the discovery of the Rockies by retracing the footsteps of its earliest European visitors. At first nothing more than an obstacle to fur trading, the Rockies became, with the arrival of the first CPR train, an all-too accessible Shangri-La, a playground for Easterners armed with easels, cameras and climbing gear. Here, the filmmaker joins modern-day adventurers and historians to relive these early explorations. It's a journey by dog team, locomotive, canoe and climbing party to the roof of the Canadian Rockies. From there, one can almost see forever, and that's the problem. The future is cause for concern.

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  • director
    Guy Clarkson
  • producer
    Guy Clarkson
    Bonnie Thompson
  • executive producer
    Michael Kot
    Graydon McCrea
  • camera
    Guy Clarkson
    René J. Collins
    Glen Crawford
    Bob Landis
    Patrick Morrow
    Douglas Munro
    Art Raham
    Roger Vernon
    A.J. Vesak
  • editor
    Paul Mortimer
  • music
    Bruce Leitl
  • writer
    Guy Clarkson
    P.J. Reece
  • production manager
    Margot McMaster
  • production coordinator
    Bonnie Hamilton
  • production assistant
    Judy Clarkson
    Brent Stanley
    Sarah Woolsey
  • sound recordist
    Margot McMaster
    Larry MacDonald
    Mike Myrden
    Igal Petel
  • key grip
    Chris Wiseman
  • camera assistant
    Blake Clarkson
    Carter Clarkson
    Rodger Debeyer
    Jeret Holt
  • helicopter pilot
    Bob Bachelor
    Lance Copper
    Ken Gray
    Cathy Moore
    Alex Holliday
    Kim Hyllestad
    Clay Wilson
  • fixed wing pilot
    Guy Clarkson
  • mountain guide
    Barry Blanchard
    Guy Clarkson
    Mark Klassen
  • wrangler
    Wayne Sawchuk
  • animation
    Richard Hertle
  • graphics
    Louise Overy
    Pierre Landry
    Gaspard Gaudreau
  • still photography
    Scott Rowed
    Patrick Morrow
    Rodger Debeyer
    Mark Klassen
  • research
    Bonnie Hamilton
    Robert Sandford
    Holly Quan
    Jon Whelan
  • consultant
    Douglas Chadwick
    Wayne Choquette
    Mike Demuth
    Ted Hart
    Kim Heinemeyer
    Harvey Locke
    Brian Luckman
    Marty Magne
    Dan McCarthy
    Brian Patton
    Stephen Pyne
    Brian Reeves
    Robert Sandford
    David Schindler
    Douglas Smith
    Henry, Jr. Vaux
  • online editor
    Denis Pilon
  • first assistant editor
    Warren Langford
    Brad Malinich
  • second assistant editor
    Luna Biscotti
    Rebel Starr
  • transcription
    Judy Clarkson
    Bridget Toms
  • production accounting
    Diane Colebank
    Wendy Dobson
  • legal
    Linda Callaghan
  • post-production director
    Pierre Ferlatte
  • supervising sound editor
    Patrick Butler
    André Gagnon
  • sound editor
    Bennett Suba
    Cory Gray
  • foley
    Bennett Suba
    Cory Gray
  • re-recording mixer
    Patrick Butler
    Cory Gray
    Luc Léger
  • audio post facility
    Twisted Pair Sound Ltd.
    National Film Board of Canada