Ludovic - A Special Treat

Ludovic - A Special Treat

| 12 min

It’s Walla’s birthday and Ludovic wants to prepare a nice surprise for him. But all of the secret preparations make it that Ludovic doesn’t have any time to play with Walla which makes Walla upset. By doing so, he’s not playing with Walla, and leave him all alone outside while he prepare some great treats and creates a new pillow with Violet and his mom. But Walla spends so much time all alone that he thinks that Ludovic and the whole family are turning their backs at him. He is devastated, and decides to leave the house. Luckily, Ludovic’s dad catches him before he goes too far!

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  • script
    Gerard Lewis
  • director
    François Perreault
  • producer
    Louise Richard
    Jan Bonath
    Paul Mathot
    Julie Roy
  • executive producer
    Vivianne Morin
    Jan Bonath
    Peter Mansfelt
    René Chénier