Ludovic - Rubber Ducky, You're the One!

Ludovic - Rubber Ducky, You're the One!

| 12 min

Ludovic often borrows Walla’s favourite toy, Rubber Ducky, without any problem. However, last night, when Ludovic took his bath, he did not bring it back, and now, it’s considered lost. Walla is very upset and doesn’t want to be friends with Ludovic anymore. Walla even goes as far as hiding Ludovic’s favorite toy, Mr. Robot. Ludovic is on the verge of tears. Where is Rubber Ducky? Will his friend Walla forgive him?

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  • script
    Anne-Marie Perrotta
    Tean Schultz
  • director
    François Perreault
  • producer
    Louise Richard
    Jan Bonath
    Paul Mathot
    Julie Roy
  • executive producer
    Vivianne Morin
    Jan Bonath
    Peter Mansfelt
    René Chénier