Mary Two-Axe Earley: I Am Indian Again

Mary Two-Axe Earley: I Am Indian Again

| 34 min

Mary Two-Axe Earley: I Am Indian Again shares the powerful story of Mary Two-Axe Earley, who fought for more than two decades to challenge sex discrimination against First Nations women embedded in Canada’s Indian Act and became a key figure in Canada’s women’s rights movement.

Using never-before-seen archival footage and audio recordings, Mohawk filmmaker Courtney Montour engages in a deeply personal conversation with the late Mohawk woman who challenged sexist and genocidal government policies that stripped First Nations women and children of their Indian status when they married non-Indian men.

Montour speaks with Cree activist Nellie Carlson, Mary’s lifelong friend and co-founder of Indian Rights for Indian Women, and meets with three generations in Mary’s kitchen in Kahnawà:ke to honour the legacy of a woman who galvanized a national network of allies to help restore Indian status to thousands of First Nations women and children.

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  • featuring
    Florence Bird
    Mary Two-Axe Earley
    Courtney Montour
    Alanis Obomsawin
    Nellie Carlson
    Jodi Calahoo-Stonehouse
    Ed Two-Axe Early
    Isabella Calahoo-Zeller
    Pierre Elliott Trudeau
    René Lévesque
    Flora MacDonald
    David Crombie
    Charlene Bourque
  • writer
    Courtney Montour
  • director
    Courtney Montour
  • editor
    Annie Jean
  • original music
    alaska B
    Ange Loft
  • sound design
    Marie-Pierre Grenier
  • narration
    Courtney Montour
  • voice coach
    Alanis Obomsawin
  • sound recordist
    Gaëlle Komàr
    Johnny Blerot
    Lynne Trépanier
  • foley artist
    Karla Baumgardner
  • additional camera
    aAron Munson
  • assistant camera
    Martine Leclerc
    Marianne Ploska
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    Angie Pepper Obomsawin
  • location assistant
    Kirstin Montour
  • director trainee
    Kayla Salas
  • visual effects
    Kara Blake
  • assistant editor
    Francis Bernier
  • transcriptionist
    Lori Heath
  • musician
    alaska B
    Melody McKiver
  • vocals
    Ange Loft
  • creative advisor
    Elle-Máijá Tailfeathers
  • consultant
    Pamela Palmater
  • research
    Courtney Montour
  • visual archivist
    Nancy Marcotte
    Kathy Fisher
    Jillian Richardson
  • assistant to Alanis Obomsawin
    Michael Shu
  • online editor
    Yannick Carrier
  • title design
    Jacques Bertrand Simard
    Mélanie Bouchard
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    Luc Léger
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