La Plante humaine

La Plante humaine

Pierre Hébert
| 1 h 18 min

This meditative film combines animation and live action as it follows a day in the life of a retired librarian. The Gulf War is raging, but Michel's life proceeds at its own pace. Widowed and alone, he fills his day with the simplest of tasks: feeding and walking his dog, shopping, laying flowers at his wife's grave. Yet these simple gestures belie the internal workings of his mind. Michel's life teems with information and images. There is a book on Leonardo da Vinci and another of fables and legends as well as the omnipresent television with its news reports, documentaries and cooking shows. How does one make sense of it all? How does Michel? In French, with English subtitles.

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  • director
    Pierre Hébert
  • animation
    Pierre Hébert
  • producer
    Yves Leduc
    Freddy Denaës
  • script
    Pierre Hébert
    Anne Quesemand
  • camera
    Barry Wood
    Michel Dubois
    Michael Cleary
  • animation camera
    Raymond Dumas
  • sound
    Claude Beaugrand
  • editing
    Fernand Bélanger
  • sound editing
    Christian Marcotte
    Michel Gauvin
  • sound mix
    Serge Boivin
  • computer animation
    Pierre Plouffe
  • voice
    Joseph Rouleau
    Michelle Allen
    Domini Blythe
    Laurent Chabot
    Marisa Corriols
    Denis Karegeya
  • music
    Robert M. Lepage
  • cast
    Sotigui Kouyaté
    Michael Lonsdale
  • participation
    Philippe Lefait
    Marc-Alain Ouaknin
    Ignacio Ramonet
    Agnès Stacke
    Dai Sijie