| 23 min

Unique sound-generated visual effects and special effects using a blue screen, a rotoscope, pyrotechnics, computer graphics, and matte photography create a futuristic, space-fantasy drama for children. A boy and girl from a space-roving civilization of the distant future become trapped in the gravity web of a wizard, the sole inhabitant of a dead star. As the story evolves, the youngsters realize that the wizard, in his own way, is also a prisoner. A conflict between the protagonists leads to the wizard's discovery of music and harmony, which ultimately prove to be the keys that spring the trap.

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  • director
    Bruce Mackay
  • script
    Bruce Mackay
  • producer
    Roman Kroitor
  • executive producer
    Roman Kroitor
    Robert Verrall
  • photography
    David De Volpi
  • sound
    Louis Hone
  • music recording
    Louis Hone
  • editing
    Roman Kroitor
    Bruce Mackay
  • sound editing
    André Galbrand
    Denise McCormick
  • re-recording
    Jean-Pierre Joutel
    Adrian Croll
  • special effects design
    Colin Low
  • animation
    Sidney Goldsmith
  • music
    Denise McCormick
  • cast
    Eric Goulem
    Charlotte Laurier
    Jack Van Evera