Street Kids

Street Kids

| 21 min

In this short documentary, a succession of black and white photographs provides a gritty look at juvenile prostitution and at the young people, male and female, struggling to get off the streets. Highlighting the links between being sexually abused as a child, loss of self-esteem, and turning to the streets, the film quickly dispels the images of glamor and big money usually associated with prostitution, and shows the positive efforts of child-care workers to help juvenile prostitutes find a way out.

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  • director
    Peg Campbell
  • producer
    Jennifer Torrance
  • executive producer
    John Taylor
  • photography
    Moira Simpson
  • sound
    Richard Patton
  • editing
    Haida Paul
  • sound editing
    Haida Paul
    Shelly Hamer
  • re-recording
    Barry P. Jones
  • animation
    Svend-Erik Eriksen

  • sixam

    Are any of the kids seen in this film still alive? Back then there was still a lot of panic and paranoia about AIDS. I doubt condoms were regularly used. Very haunting.

    sixam, 4 Aug 2016